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Who was Johnny Appleseed? 

Did you know that Johnny Appleseed's real name was John Chapman? He got his nickname, because he was the man that carried around apple seeds, planting them, and growing trees all over the land. 

John Chapman was born on September 26, 1774, in Massachusetts. John's father, Nathaniel Chapman, was active in the Army, and his mother, Elizabeth Chapman, died at his birth. 


John's father was a farmer. When he noticed that his son was interested in his work, he set him up with an apprenticeship to become an orchardist, a person that manages an orchard. John learned very quickly and later grew into an independent orchardist.


In honor of Johnny Appleseed Day, we will be offering BRUNCH buffet in the Rose Hill Farm Taproom from 11:30am to 12:30pm. Pre-purchased tickets are $38 for adults and kids 10 years of age and younger are $12.

Subject to availability, in-person tickets will be $43 for adults and kids 10 years and younger $17. Secure your tickets now, because availability is limited! 

There will be kid's activities after brunch, including story time, crafts and seed planting! 

The Rose Hill Farm Taproom will operate as a cash bar with brunch-inspired specialty cocktails by the RH Ferments Team!

Starting at 1pm, we will be serving a modified à la carte brunch menu.


Please Note:

This is a limited capacity ticketed event - We will do our very best to assign seating based on group size and your requests. Reserve your tickets early to be guaranteed optimum seating and be sure to note on your reservation if there are friends joining that you would like to sit next to. Though we encourage mixing and mingling! Due to the format of this event, we can not make changes to the menu for dietary restrictions, however the menu includes items that are vegetarian and gluten-free. There will be a $20 cancellation fee per adult dinner ticket if canceled less than 24 hours before the event.   



*KFC-Style Fried Chicken Over Japanese Waffles (Gluten-Free)

*House Made Rose Hill Apple Cider Maple Syrup

*House Made Hot Pepper Maple Syrup

*Pickled Pineapple

*Croque-Monsieur Breakfast Casserole – Ham Sandwiches on House Made Bread Drenched in Egg Custard and Cheese – Melted to a Deep Golden-Brown

*Gruyere Cheese Sauce

*Frisée Salad with Crispy Polenta, Lardon, 6 Minute Egg and Apple (Can Be Made Vegetarian)

*House Made Focaccia and Jams

*Fruit Salad

*Danish with Lemon-Raspberry-Mascarpone Filling

*Custardy Apple Bread Pudding with Calvados Sauce

LOCATION: Rose Hill Farm Taproom - 14 Rose Hill Farm, Red Hook, NY 12571

No upcoming events at the moment


If you’re a fan of hearty fare like potatoes and stew then you probably look forward to March 17th as much as we do. And if you don't have time to cook, just pre-order below and pick-up on Friday 3/17 at Rose Hill Farm between 3 and 5pm. We will provide simple reheat instructions.

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